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The world ocean is dominated by various drifting organisms referred to as plankton. While each plankton species is unique in its morphology, ecology, and evolutionary history, each also has various relationships with co-occurring species and its environment, and plays major roles in biological production and biogeochemical cycles in the ocean. In recent years, it has become apparent that global-scale environmental changes and disruptions to marine ecosystems by human activities are closely linked to changes in plankton communities. Our laboratory focuses on investigating marine plankton and micronekton to understand their biology, ecology, and roles in biogeochemical cycles in the ocean.


■Species diversity and food web structures in marine ecosystems: Molecular techniques reveal the basin-scale patterns of biodiversity and prey-predator relationships.

■Life history of zooplankton: Molecular techniques together with field observation reveal egg to adult life histories of importantspecies of zooplankton.

■Taxonomic re-examination of zooplankton: Taxonomic uncertainty of zooplankton are investigated using morphologicaland molecular analysis.

■Influence of viral infection on zooplankton: We try to reveal diversity and ecological role of viruses infecting marinezooplankton.

■Distribution and dynamics of marine microplastics: Distribution, sedimentation process, and effect on ecosystemare investigated for marine microplastics in the seas around Japan.

■Impact of the great tsunami on coastal pelagic ecosystem in Tohoku area: We investigate the effects of the tsunami on theecosystem and recovery processes from the disturbance


■Atsushi Tsuda (Professor) tsuda@  
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■Junya Hirai (Research Associate)  hirai@
■Rei Yamashita (Post-Doctoral Fellow) ryamashita@  
■Fanyu Zhou (Post-Doctoral Fellow) zhoufanyu@  
■Kanako Amei (Graduate student)  amei@
■Misato Nakae (Graduate student)  nakae@
■Nakako Tamamushi (Graduate student)  tamamushi@
■Qian Zhang (Graduate student)  zhang-qian@
■Tomomi Suzuki (Administrative staff) suzuki-tomomi@
■Mieko Noda (Technical staff) noda@

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