Dr. Hiroaki Saito

Professor, Center for International Collaboration,
Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo

==Research Interest==

 My scientific interest is on the role of organisms in marine ecosystem dynamics and biogeochemical cycles. I have been studied biology and ecology of copepod, beautiful creature in marine ecosystem, but also working on variety of marine organisms from virus to whales. The essential aim of my studies is to understand the processes and mechanisms of marine ecosystem response to natural and anthropogenic perturbations. Recent research topics are:
 • Developing new ocean provinces respect to geochemistry and biogeography(Link)
 • The role of Kuroshio on the structure of marine ecosystem and fisheries production(Link)
 • Mechanism of fish stock fluctuation responding to climate change.(Link)
 • The role of zooplankton on biological pump
 • The role of iron on marine food-web dynamics and biogeochemical cycles


Link to The list of publications(PDF)


• 2012-2017 NEOPS
PI, New Ocean Paradigm on its Biogeochemistry, Ecosystem and Sustainable Use
(funded by MEXT).
• 2011-2020 SKED
Project leader, The Study of Kuroshio Ecosystem Dynamics for Sustainable Fisheries (funded by MEXT)
• 2007-2012 POMAL
Project leader, Population outbreak of Marine Life (funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)
• 2007 BLOSSOM
Project leader, Blooming Plankton Succession Study in the Oyashio Marine Ecosystem
• 2005-2008 The role of heterotrophic dinoflagellates on the vertical ransport of biogenic elements, PI. funded by JSPS.
• 2003 SPINUP
Project leader, Study for Plankton and Iron Dynamics in the western Subarctic Pacific.
• 2002-2006 DEEP
Project leader, Deep-Sea Ecosystem and Exploitation Project, funded from Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Fisheries of Japan.
• 2001-2004 SEEDS
Member. Subarctic ocean iron Enrichment and Ecosystem Dynamics Study, funded from Ministry of Environments of Japan.
• 1998-2000 PROVES
Member, EU funded project under the MUST III programme, Processes of Vertical Exchange in Shelf Sea.
• 1998-2002 VENFISH
Member, Japan-GLOBEC related project, Comprehensive study of the Variation of the oceanic ENvironment and FISH populations in the North-western Pacific
• 1997-2002 SAGE
Member. Japan-JGOFS related project. Subarctic Gyre Experiment, funded from Science and Technology Agency of Japan
• 1990-2014 A-line Monitoring
Japan-JGOFS related project. Monitoring program of biological processes in the Oyashio region, western subarctic Pacific.
• 1992-1993 SARES
Member. A joint Canada-Japan project conducted on the first-year ice of Saroma-ko Lagoon and Resolute Passage, Ministy of Education, Culture and Sprots of Japan
• 1990-1998 Global Environmental Research Fund project
PI, Effects of Enhanced UV-B radiation on terrestrial and marine ecosystem, funded from Ministry of Environment.
• 1990-1998 BIOCOSMOS
Member, Comprehensive Program of Research for Agro-Ecological System and Optimum Control. Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Fisheries of Japan.

==Committees (selected)==

• 2016- Chairman, PICES Scienece Board
• 2015-2016 Cochairman, PICES FUTURE SSC
• 2013-2016 Vice Chairman, PICES Science Board
• 2013- Fellow of the board of Oceanographic Society of Japan
• 2011- Member of the Awards Committee of the Oceanographic Society of Japan
• 2009- 2014 Chair of FUTURE Advisory Panel on Climate, Oceanographic Variability and Ecosystems, PICES
• 2008 - 2010 Co-chair, Future Implementation Plan Writing Team, PICES
• 2007 - 2013 Member, International Journal Committee, The Japanese Society of Fisheries Oceanography
• 2007 - 2008 Associate member, The Science Council of Japan
• 2004 - 2008 Chair, IMBER-Japan Nartional Committee, The Science Council of Japan
• 2004 - 2008 Science Steering Committee, IGBP/SCOR IMBER
• 2003 - 2005 Member, Committee of Global Environmental Research, The Science Council of Japan
• 2002-2004 Member, IGBP/SCOR Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems Transition Team

==Editorial boards==

• 2014‐ Editorial board, Frontiers in Chemistry, Earth Science and Marine Science
• 2011 - Editorial board, Journal of Oceanography
• 2007- 2013 Editorial board, Fisheries Oceanography
• 2005 - 2011 Editor, Plankton and Benthos Research (Plankton Biology and Ecology until 2005)
• 2003- 2010 Associate editor, Progress in Oceanography

==Membership of academic societies==

• The Oceanographic Society of Japan
• Plankton Society of Japan
• Japanese Society of Fisheries Oceanography
• Japan Geoscience Union
• The American Society of Limnology and Oceanography
• The American Geosphysical Union

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